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Meditative Massage Music: Healing Instrumentals For Peace & Quiet


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Luxuriate in magnificent stillness with Meditative Massage Music: Healing Instrumentals for Peace & Quiet, a calming collection of songs specifically selected for their tranquil, soothing nature.

These 16 tracks - chosen and sequenced by a professional massage therapist - reflect the breadth and depth of White Swan's catalog. With over 20 years specializing in music for yoga, massage, meditation and other progressive healing modalities, White Swan has naturally become the first destination for those seeking a relaxing aural sanctuary.

The artists appearing on Meditative Massage Music may come from different, diverse backgrounds, but they share a common objective: by creating music that in some way brightens your life, they make the world a better more peaceful place.

On Meditative Massage Music, you will hear:

~ Ambient dream sequences from Shaman's Dream (Craig Kohland).
~ The subtle power of bowls, bells, gongs and tones, as envisioned by Renee S LeBeau and Damien Rose.
~ Manose's mellifluous Himalayan bansuri flute, delightfully contrasted with the low, earthy tones of Gary Stroutsos' Asian and Native American woodwinds.
~ Mozart as adapted for yoga and string quartet by acclaimed cellist Dave Eggar.
~ Prem Joshua's trademark East/West Indo-Jazz fusion.
~ The acclaimed raga-based guitar stylings of Stevin McNamara.

Meditative Massage Music is not simply a compilation, it is a wordless guide leading you to your own inner oasis.

1.) Omkar - Opening: Tibetan Bowl -:50
2.) Shaman's Dream - Breathing In -5:59
3.) Renee S LeBeau - Uhroe -3:02
4.) Manose - Oasis -7:58
5.) Gary Stroutsos - Within You Without You (edit) -3:35
6.) Dave Eggar Quartet - OM Mozart -3;50
7.) Gary Stroutsos - Empty Sky -2:31
8.) Damien Rose - Light -2:27
9.) Prem Joshua - Saffron Dreams (The Night Mudra) -8:08
10.) Stevin McNamara - Moon Magic (Chandra) [Part 1 - Alap] -5:06
11.) Gary Stroutsos - Journey Into Stillness -4:41
12.) Manose - My Wish -4:29
13.) Shaman's Dream - Moonlight Saptah -9:36
14.) Stevin McNamara - Anam [Part 1 - Alap] -3:04
15.) Gary Stroutsos - Fourth World -3:32
16.) Damien Rose - Sacred -8:58

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