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Mercy Songs


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Infused with haunting vocals and lush grooves, Mercy Songs merges Tibetan Buddhist mantras, Latin Christian church hymns and ancient Vedic chants into a single songbook of devotion, by Mercedes Bahleda and Ferenz Kallos.

“I heard some of these melodies in temples and churches, some came to me in dreams and some came from the very talented Ferenz Kallos. We worked together to bring them to life and offer them to you.” –Mercedes

"Mercedes Bahleda has always been an angel for me. Her voice is inseparable from her spirit, tender and triumphant. Her creative energy and her spiritual energy are one and the same; with her voice and with her body, she kisses eternity. She sings for love and dances in kalaidescopic light. I trust her sensitive perceptions: her songs are always welcome in the heart of my home." –Antony of Antony & the Johnsons

Mercy Songs is co-produced, co-written & performed by Mercedes Bahleda & multi-instrumentalist Ferenz Kallos.

1.) Dominie Fil Unigenite -3:58
2.) The Je Tsong Kapa Mantra -12:36
3.) Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Soha -11:08
4.) Ave Maria -11:02
5.) Om Mani Padme Hung -11:12
6.) Kali Durga -11:08
7.) Dominie Fil Unigenite (Duo) -3:50

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