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Since the dawn of the millennium, Desert Dwellers have pursued a singular vision: creating and developing an ethno-electronic musical alchemy that speaks as freely to hard-charging global bassheads as it does to laid back yogis.

The unity of Amani Friend and Treavor Walton's electro-organic sound is captured and showcased on this collection of remixes spanning the parallel worlds in which they simultaneously exist, demonstrating the fluent multilingualism of these sonic explorers from the future and the past.

Night Visions: Desert Dwellers Selected Remixes showcases Desert Dwellers’ signature psy-chill sunrise vibe as applied to 13 tracks ranging from deep and delicate kirtan chant (Luna Ray’s “Ganesha”) to next-century North African ambience (EarthRise SoundSystem’s “Makyen Ghrir Allah”) and pure club burners (Kaya Project’s “Ghasi Ram Blues”).

The mix flows seamlessly between such Yoga music luminaries as Deva Premal, Girish and Jai Uttal, and upstart heroes from global electronica and temple bass culture like Adham Shaikh, Deya Dova and Kalya Scintilla. Add in fresh renditions of simmering soundscapes by Variant Field, Tarun and Laya Project and the bridge between two worlds is complete.

Whether you’ve discovered the music of Desert Dwellers via your yoga mat or the dance floor, Night Visions pull the wide variety of artists and material into a cohesive suite, covering vast territory while creating a holistic – and deeply moving (in every sense of the word) – musical experience.

1.) Tarun Nayar - Water (Desert Dwellers Remix) -5:59
2.) EarthRise SoundSystem - Makyen Ghrir Allah (Desert Dwellers Remix) -6:12
3.) Kalya Scintilla - Break Belief (Desert Dwellers Remix) -6:44
4.) Variant Field - Fields of Variance (Desert Dwellers Remix) -5:43
5.) Girish - Saraswati (Desert Dwellers Remix) -4:59
6.) Kaya Project - Ghasi Ram Blues (Desert Dwellers Mix) -5:00
7.) Adham Shaikh - Desert Dub (Desert Dwellers Dub Remix) -6:48
8.) Deva Premal - Jai Radha Madhav (Desert Dwellers Remix) -7:30
9.) Gurunam Singh - Dukh Par Har (Desert Dwellers Dub Remix) -5:00
10.) Luna Ray - Ganesha (Desert Dwellers Remix) -5:33
11.) Deya Dova - Twinkle (Desert Dwellers Outback Remix) -5:13
12.) Jai Uttal - Shri Krishna Govinda (Desert Dwellers Remix) -7:41
13.) Laya Project - Sunset In Akkarai (Desert Dwellers Spacious Mix) -4:53

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