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Nikuah  meaning "gratitude for what earth provides" in the ancient Bana Kuma language – is the first single from the forthcoming new album Home, a collaboration of Shaman's Dream and Geometrae that features multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, and the cutting-edge electronic production for which the artists are renowned.

The album's story unfolds through the intention of each song, woven together for the listener to observe each successive element through the body as a felt experience. It conceptually begins with sunrise, just as each day begins for us in our lives. A seed is then planted, with the intent for it to grow and flourish, realizing its highest potential as a blooming flower.

The five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether are explored as the fundamentals needed to transform seed into blossom, so that its fullest expression can be experienced. Once the flower has bloomed, we welcome the moon, tapping into our psychic senses to merge into the dream world once again and to begin the cycle renewed, to return Home.

With the masterful vocals, drumming and mbira of Grammy-winning artist Chris Berry, this project is perfect for the Ecstatic Dance & Medicine Ceremony audiences, where the music of Shaman's Dream has been popular for over 25 years.

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