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Here is the latest release from Abhi Ktori: 'One with the Wonder.'

Abhi Ktori spent many years in the spiritual community around the mystic Osho. A big part of this community was music and he became a part of this. He began to write a very different kind of songs, songs that were to do with the whole human and spiritual experience, in this amazing environment, he grew as a singer and as a songwriter and began to see how deeply music can touch the heart and how these songs had a magical quality that when sung enlivened the whole being.

Now available digitally for you!

1. Sunrise of My Heart 03:05
2. Speed of Love 02:41
3. One with the Wonder (free) 02:22
4. Only Love 03:42
5. Trust in Love 02:22
6. One Breath 02:55
7. Holy Holy 02:58
8. Bearing Witness 03:18
9. The Way of Fear 02:43

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