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Playful Yoga: Movement & Meditation For All Ages


The Playful Yoga album is part of the Calming Kids: Creating a Non-Violent World program. Playful Yoga is accompanied by a guide which suggests yoga practices, dances and chants to do while listening to each track.

Calming Kids: Creating a Non-Violent World is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to teaching educational professionals, health care providers, parents and children how to use classical yoga techniques to decrease violence and increase children’s capacity for success now and later in life. www.calmingkidsyoga.org

Dee Marie, MA, CYT, has been a yoga therapist since 1983. She is a certified adult yoga teacher, prenatal yoga teacher & children’s yoga teacher. In 2004, Dee Marie began teaching classical yoga techniques in the school systems. Four years were dedicated to researching the effects that CALMING KIDS: Creating a Non-Violent World had on school age children. The results proved to decrease violence and bullying up to 93% and increase concentration levels up to 87%. Playful Yoga is a result of this work.

After 5 years of using the wonderful sounds from White Swan Music to accompany the CALMING KIDS programs, Playful Yoga was compiled to put all the songs in one place for the ease of youth professionals to use and for children of all ages to listen to -ENJOY!

1.) Omkar - Opening: Tibetan Bell -:52
2.) Steven Halpern - Om Zone 2.0 - I -1:16
3.) Laya Project - Glorious Sun (Bhakti Brothers Remix feat. MC Yogi) -4:06
4.) MC Yogi - Son of Shiva -4:35
5.) Wynne Paris - Nama Sankirtana (Yoga Mix) -7:11
6.) Laya Project - Ya Allah -7:35
7.) Face - The Pink Panther Theme -3:16
8.) MC Yogi - Chakra Beatbox -1:40
9.) Dave Dale & Nadaji - Gayatri Mantra -4:53
10.) EarthRise SoundSystem - May all Beings -6:22
11.) Don Shiva - Om Namah Shivaya -5:03
12.) Prem Joshua - Saroja Part 1 -5:46
13.) Gary Stroutsos/Will Clipman/William Eaton - Land of Snows -4:50
14.) Maneesh de Moor - Let It Be -4:08
15.) Steven Halpern - Om Zone 2.0 - II -6:06
16.) Omkar - Closing: Tibetan Bowl -:53

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