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Prana Groove


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Internationally-acclaimed for his Western interpretations of northern India's classical music, Stevin McNamara offers you this entrancing journey called Prana Groove. His signature acoustic stylings flow freely on a current of meditative percussion. A great addition to your yoga or bodywork playlist!

Prana = the Sanskrit word for basic primal vital energy which sustains and energizes the body. It moves through the breath.
Groove = rhythmic patterns which motivate the body to move.

The melodic element of Prana Groove is based on Rag Malkauns – a profound raga which is to be played late at night (usually midnight) – based on a pentatonic (5 note) scale. The large intervals between the notes create an intense emotional effect on the listener.

The tempo is 108 beats per minute, chosen for it's sacred Sanskrit value and effect. There are 108 different yet interwoven musical phrases presented throughout the piece.

"I created this music as an adventure into the realm of energy and movement," Stevin McNamara explains. "I used the ancient musical form of raga coupled with pulse and drum patterns found in trance and other traditions, such as Sufi Dervish ecstatic dance. I offer it as a celebration of life, of our connection to the earth and all living beings."

Prana Groove is a 60-minute piece of music divided into 3 movements:

  1. Dance of the Midnight Moon
  2. Dream Sequence
  3.  Jhala (or climax)

1.) Dance of the Midnight Moon -17:20
2.) Dream Sequence -19:40
3.) Jhala -23:23
4.) Prana Groove (Digital Bonus Single) (download only) -9:55

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