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Announcing the re-release of the timeless Prana Pulse album, a 2012 collaboration between Shaman’s Dream (Sahuna Love) and Bluetech (Evan Marc).

Prana Pulse offers a seamlessly flowing soundscape to compliment a 70-minute movement practice. The intentional arrangement weaves a sonic basket, in which yogis, dancers, flow artists, somatic explorers, and passionate spirits can cultivate their creative expression. This journey is a path of curiosity, freedom, inspiration, and celebration; gently guiding the heart to open and experience beauty, connection, and love.

The practice of yoga is fueled and guided by the flow of prana – life energy. Shamans Dream invites us to let go and lose ourselves in this infinite rhythm. In their first-time collaboration, Craig Kohland and electronic music producer Bluetech arrange a beautifully flowing soundscape that perfectly complements a 70-minute yoga/dance journey.

 Bluetech is a DJ/producer who creates downtempo music with significant emphasis on melody in his productions, and his works often demonstrate an influence from dub and ambient techno. Bluetech has also been releasing albums under the names Evan Marc and Evan Bartholomew.

Craig Kohland is a talented multi-percussionist, performer, DJ, music producer and ecstatic dance facilitator driven by the healing rhythm of the drum and the creative expression of the sacred. Since 1995, Shaman’s Dream, Craig’s multi-faceted music collective, has been at the forefront of the yoga and ecstatic dance music scene and has produced some of the key albums used in the yoga and dance industry. As a producer and the musical director of the “Shaman’s Dream World Groove Ensemble”, Craig along with Micheline Berry, has facilitated hundreds of ecstatic dance/ “live” world music concerts, plus countless live music for yoga classes and ritual retreats. Craig’s other projects included being the co-founder of Yogitunes an online digital music store that features a huge selection of yoga inspired music from all over the world and Co-Producer of Ecstatic Retreats and co-producer of Desert Dwellers projects with 3 CD releases of Downtemple Dub Waves, Downtemple Dub Flames and Downtemple Dub Roots.

As a percussionist, Craig has performed with Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Dave Stringer, C.C. White, David Starfire, FreQ Nasty, Dub Kirtan Allstars, Bluetech, Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, Donna De Lory, Suzanne Sterling, Tina Malia, Jaya Lakshmi, Michael Kang, Chris Berry and many others. Presently, Craig is DJing and performing for festivals and yoga/ ecstatic dance communities all over the world. Some events include– Earthdance, Wanderlust, Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Oregon Country Fair, Beloved, Harmony, Hanuman, Tadasana, Mystic, Gaia, Hawaii Spirit Festival, Bhaktifest, Big Bounce, Water Woman, Wakeup Festival, Yoga Journal Conference, Midwest Yoga Conference and Texas Yoga Conferences.

1) Calling Spirits
2) Into the Timeless
3) Mother Water
4) Submergence
5) The Way Through
6) Giving Gifts
7) Prana Pulse
8) Breath of Ma
9) Nectar
10) Letting Go

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