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Reflections of the Taj Mahal - A Tribute to Paul Horn


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The great Paul Horn was an artist far ahead of his time. A highly innovative musician with deep roots in the jazz era, he evolved from bandleader and in-demand L.A. studio musician to his life-changing journey to India in 1968, where he recorded the legendary album Inside the Taj Mahal, using the hallowed spaces of the iconic structure as part of his sonic palette.

Horn created an intimate glimpse into the mysteries of India with his historic, beloved recording, and toward the end of his life shared many remembrances of that time with his friend, flautist Gary Stroutsos.

With this new album, Gary Stroutsos honors his friend and mentor with fresh interpretations of several Paul Horn classics as well as some of his own original compositions, performed with various flutes – including the Hopi one that Paul Horn loved.

Serene, spacious, and floating, this new recording pays tribute to one of the greats.

“Paul Horn brought such an intimate view of the mysteries of India to us on his original recording Inside the Taj Mahal. Now Gary Stroutsos has refreshed this view through his own interpretations for a modern update.”  – Parmita Pushman, Co-Founder, White Swan Records

1 Agra (alto flute) 2:35
2 Blue Sands (bass flute) 2:37
3 Forever Paul (alto flute) 3:48
4 Traveller (bass flute) 4:21
5 Painted Desert (Hopi rim flute) 4:32
6 Prayer Song (6- & 4-hole Hopi rim flute) 9:40
7 Shibui (bass flute) 5:11
8 Perfume Forest (alto flute) 3:44
9 Rain of Life (Hopi rim flute) 4:38
10 River Ganges (alto flute) 3;30
11 Before Dawn (alto flute) 7:02
12 Deep Pool (bass flute) 4:50
13 Meditation Suite: Tranquility, Serenity, Lament (Hopi rim flute, western red cedar flute, bass flute) 7:34
14 Saguaro Blossom (Hopi rim flute) 4:35
15 Earth Lodge (western red cedar flute) 3:51
16 Turquoise Skies (Hopi rim flute) 4:35
17 Paul Horn Interview (edit) 07:11

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