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In 2008, a Hawaii-based percussion collective, Barabajaba, released Rise Up, an album of truly inspired and deeply innovative cross-cultural percussion & vocal arrangements. This unique album features a wholly organic sound due to all interlocking parts being recorded live without looping or digital sound design. While Barabajaba is no longer an active group, this exceptional project is being rereleased by some of its original members: Michael Pluznick, Jesse Seymour, and Shaman’s Dream (Sahuna Love). The interweaving of soulful grooves and intriguing melodic vocals highlight the connection between ancient rhythmic themes and modern interpretations. Smooth transitions and clever orchestration add a melodic sense to these ancient rhythms, inviting all ages, creeds, and races to move your body and shake your soul.

Rise Up showcases the seasoned musicality of percussionists/producers Michael Pluznick, Jesse Seymour and Shaman's Dream and presents an all-star cast of vocalists including Peter De Jesus, Puerto Rican born Priest of Santeria, veteran San Francisco Bay Area percussionist/vocalist Yagbe Onilu and the sensuous voice of devotional roots singer, Zahira. In addition, the vocal work of Jesse Seymour and Boaz Martin add ever more diversity to this exciting album, giving a unique atmosphere to each track. Rise Up features a myriad of percussion instruments such as the Surdo (Brasilian Bass Drum), Djembe, Dunduns and Bougaraboo of West Africa, Congas, Timbales and of course the mystic sound of the Bata drums of Cuba.

1. Trilogy 07:02
2. Marineiro 05:03
3. Evolution 05:31
4. Chandra Shekar 06:29
5. Soko La Bata 05:07
6. Rumba De Obatala 05:29
7. Axe 05:39
8. Dance of Damballah 04:58
9. Afrique De Jeneiro 05:25
10. Abarumbanikum 06:22
11. Escalier 04:19
12. Unity 04:32
13. Rise Up 04:35

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