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Sacred Chants to Tara


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Devotional singer and scholar Mercedes Bahleda's new album, Sacred Chants to Tara, is a radiant collection of prayers and chants to the beloved Buddhist deity Tara – goddess of ferocious compassion, protection, creative wisdom, radiant health and enlightenment. A collaboration with German composer Klaus Hillebrecht, this beautiful, melodious selection of mantras honors the divine feminine in all cultures as it evokes the Six Perfections associated with Tara: giving, kindness, joy, patience, meditation and wisdom. Tara mantra practice is among the most prevalent in Tibetan culture and the global Buddhist diaspora, cherished for its help in overcoming spiritual and everyday obstacles and elevating the practitioner to a higher state of true and compassionate enlightenment.

1. Tantric Tara Mantra
2. Tara You I Bow To (Om Tare Tu Tare Soho)
3. Tara's Hymn
4. White Tara Mantra
5. The 21 Praises of Tara
6. Tara Guru Chant
7. Green Tara Mantra
8. Tara Sadhana

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