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Shakti Guitar


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Shakti Guitar is the continuation of a musical journey that began many years ago when Stevin McNamara first fell in love with North Indian classical music. Having grown up in South Africa, surrounded by African sounds and rhythms and imported music from the USA and Europe in the forms of jazz, blues and rock, he was unprepared for the stunning effect on first hearing Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan and Nikhil Banerjee, to name a few. The result was an ever-growing passion for North Indian classical music that became even more real as he was fortunate to study sitar with Ram Das Chakravarty of Benares.

As the years have gone by, all this music has grown into a personal style that encompasses all these influences and is now presented on the nylon string guitar. It is important to note that the music on this album is not classical North Indian music, but rather a personal style that has developed through a deep immersion in that centuries-old tradition.

1.) Salutation -1:28
2.) Greeting the Dawn - Part 1 (Alap) -5:37
3.) Greeting the Dawn - Part 2 (Theme) -7:31
4.) Sungod Dance -7:22
5.) Shakti Sunset - Part 1 (Alap) -4:16
6.) Shakti Sunset - Part 2 (Theme) -4:16
7.) Sun Moon and Stars -6:22
8.) Heart of the Lotus - Part 1 (Alap) -1:57
9.) Heart of the Lotus - Part 2 (Jor) -2:22
10.) Heart of the Lotus - Part 3 (Theme)
11.) Midnight in the Darbar -10:03
12.) Prajna's Dream -9:40

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