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Soul In Wonder


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Rocking grooves mingle with the wood smoke of India on this warm and mysterious album Soul in Wonder from Miten, a seasoned artist at the peak of his poetic powers. Enlightened troubadour Miten's soulful songs are enhanced by Deva Premal's exquisite vocals and the bansuri flute of Manose, along with harmonium, kora, violin, Hammond organ, slide guitar and mandolin. Fly High, intertwined with Om Shree Rama, is sure to become a classic for its ecstatic energy and merging of Om Shree Rama with the song. Fly High!

1.) Through the Eyes of an Angel -4:50
2.) Lokah Samasta -10:16
3.) Calme E Tranquilidade -11:10
4.) Awakening -5:21
5.) Humaniversal -3:39
6.) Twameva -3:17
7.) Fly High -7:01
8.) You Gotta Move -3:24
9.) Inarticulate Speech of the Heart -5:12
10.) Free Spirit (Ashes to Ashes) -5:10

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