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Spa India


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Spa India is relaxing spa music for meditation, massage and healing.

Complete your rejuvenating spa journey with the healing power of music. As soothing as an herbal wrap, these magical sounds from the East envelop you in their warm tones, promoting calm and wellbeing as they exfoliate your ears and restore your inner peace. 

1.) Hindu Traveler (Gary Stroutsos) -5:40
2.) Cosmo-Bali-Tan (Prem Joshua) -9:00
3.) Prana Shakti (Desert Dwellers) -7:56
4.) Ekoham (Manish Vyas) -10:54
5.) The Seventh Eclipse (Prem Joshua) -7:32
6.) Sammasati -7:14
7.) Whispers of Our Ancestors (Liquid Bloom) -6:55
8.) Shanti (Peace Out) (MC Yogi) -6:58

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