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Miten / CD

Temple at Midnight


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Temple At Midnight is a soulful, no-frills, all-acoustic tale of love and redemption. From his hedonistic days in London's rock scene to a voyage of self-discovery in mystic India, Miten returns with a clear head, a great album, and devoted heart.

From the steady flowing gospel groove of River Man; the Zen blues of No Goal But This; the mellow, reflective One Step At A Time and Exactly As It Is (featuring Deva Premal), to the rays of moonlight illuminating the Rumi-inspired lyrics of All Is Welcome Here, Miten pays homage to a life lived fully and without compromise. He even adds, for good measure, a personal, hauntingly poignant rendition of the Beatles classic, Norwegian Wood.

Temple at Midnight gives a voice to our intimate inner spaces, with songs that welcome us however they find us, sharing our fears, celebrating our joys and, through it all, reminding us of “the silence gently growing.”

LP version here.


1.) river man
2.) norwegian wood
3.) no goal but this
4.) one step at a time
5.) all is welcome here
6.) exactly as it is
7.) humaniversal
8.) love is the fire
9.) nobody can
10) guruji
11) inescapable love

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