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The Face of Love


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Originally conceived by Amani Friend’s mother, ecstatic trance healer Bente Darma Friend, as a visionary spirit journey through the chakras of the body, this guided meditation voyage translates the cycle of energy centers into a richly resonant tapestry of sound.

Amani Friend and Rara Avis, of popular psytrance collective Desert Dwellers, collaborated with such artists as Native American flute maestro Robert Mirabal and vocalist Sarah West, composing a multi-layered mosaic that includes overtone chanting, ethereal singing, shamanic invocations and natural atmospheres. In 2012, Amani met sacred performance artist Ixchel Prisma, and over the next two years, they created the album Heart of the Shamans –utilizing the finely tuned arrangements of The Face of Love as the primary foundation for Ixchel’s ceremonial medicine songs.
Following this year’s release of Heart of the Shamans, here is the original version of The Face of Love, combining its enchanting musical palette with poetic healing guidance and body postures for each track’s corresponding chakra.  Each phase of this cycle is a mirror for our soul, unfolding unique, spontaneous, ever-changing visions and insights.  

1. Face of Love: A Guided Spirit Journey 38:32
2. Face of Love: Ceremony of the Heart 9:32
3. Face of Love: Cosmic Soul Lotus 5:24
4. Face of Love: Healing Fire Breath 6:30
5. Face of Love: Temple of the Goddess 3:19
6. Face of Love: Ecstatic Grounding 6:27
7. Face of Love: Sacred Blessing 7:20

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