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The Paramahamsa Mixes (White Swan Taking Flight)


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Paramahamsa describes the image of a swan, representing the soul taking flight from the physical body.

This spellbinding new collection brings the distinctive alchemy of acclaimed producer/remixer DJ Drez to fresh songs crafted from originals by a variety of artists on White Swan Records and Black Swan Sounds – including EarthRise SoundSystem, Radharani, Stevin McNamara, Masood Ali Khan, Brenda McMorrow, Marti Nikko, Go Ray & Duke, Orlando Royal, Yemanjo and Zaire Black.

Elements of dub reggae, hip hop beats, ethereal and spoken vocals and global flavors are masterfully blended into this enchanting elixir that lifts the spirit and elevates the soul.

1. DJ Drez, Feat Ben Leinbach - Earth Adorn - 04:41
2. DJ Drez, Marti Nikko - Here Comes the Sun - 04:54
3. DJ Drez, Feat Zaire Black - Abundant Jungle - 05:05
4. DJ Drez, Feat Stevin McNamara, Gary Stroutsos, Srikala - Potency Profound - 04:51
5. DJ Drez, Feat Orlando Royal, Yemanjo - The Natural Things - 05:30
6. DJ Drez, Feat Earthrise SoundSystem - Wet Leaves - 06:12
7. DJ Drez, Feat Go Ray & Duke, Zaire Black - Wind Drops - 05:22
8. DJ Drez, Feat Brenda McMorrow - In Love with Love - 04:17
9. DJ Drez, Feat Stevin McNamara - Radha’s Paint - 04:37
10. DJ Drez, Feat Radharani - Your Lips - 05:03
11. DJ Drez, Feat Masood Ali Khan - Govinda Echoes - 05:09
12. DJ Drez, Marti Nikko - Bolo Radha - 05:58

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