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The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan: Hang With Angels


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The Yoga Sessions: Hang with Angels is Masood Ali Khan’s second album, and the 5th release in the critically acclaimed The Yoga Sessions series from Yoga Organix and White Swan Records.

The Yoga Sessions: Hang with Angels explores the pairing of the masculine and feminine Divine by combining the otherworldly texture and fascinating sounds of Masood’s Hang (pron. "hung") Drum with Yoga Music’s finest female vocalists. Buoyed by master musicians from around the world, the recording is studded with ethereal, meditative and richly-colored soundscapes especially designed for savasana (the traditional relaxation and meditation period that concludes the typical Yoga class).

The Yoga Sessions: Hang with Angels is also ideally suited for wellness applications such as meditation and bodywork, or as beautiful atmospheric music for a mellow evening.

Eleven tracks of original compositions feature vocal performances from Suzanne Sterling, Visvambhar Sheth (Mayapuris), Kamaniya Devi (Premahara), Lisbeth Scott, Sheela Bringi (PremaSoul), Radha, Terra Gold and Monica Page. The world class cast of instrumentalists includes renowned flautist Steve Gorn, Go-Ray & Duke, Clinton Patterson (PremaSoul), Ray Ippolito (As Kindred Spirits) and world percussionist Marla Leigh.

1.) Radhe Govinda (feat. Monica Page & Steve Gorn) -6:23
2.) Gayatri Mantra (feat. Lisbeth Scott) -7:15
3.) Jai Bhagavan (feat. Radha) -6:10
4.) Om Asato Ma (feat. Terra Gold) -8:03
5.) Bismillah (feat. Suzanne Sterling, Go-Ray & Duke) -3:43
6.) Govinda Gopala (feat. PremaSoul) -7:00
7.) The Breath of Krishna (feat. Visvambhar Sheth) -7:01
8.) Satyam Shivam Sundaram (feat. Lisbeth Scott) -6:50
9.) Gate Gate (feat. Terra Gold & Ray Ippolito) -6:54
10.) Dharma Wheel (feat. Suzanne Sterling) -8:24
11.) Maha Mantra (feat. Kayamani Devi & Steve Gorn) -6:12

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