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This portable yoga practice on audio CD is perfect for use at home or on the road. Designed by internationally-recognized yoga instructor Lauren Peterson for fit beginners and intermediate/advanced practitioners, The Yogi's Companion contains a large (22" x 23 3/4") and comprehensive foldout chart with over 175 photos of the yoga-flow sequences. The CD is divided into six individual yoga programs, including options for long or short yoga sessions, as well as beginner or advanced practices, and is easily tailored for personal use.

As Lauren says, "A consistent yoga practice over time will result in a strong, supple body and a steady, quiet mind. You will enjoy increased energy as the systems of the body are stimulated and purified, leaving you calmer and more centered. Enjoy the journey!”

Selected as an “Editor’s Choice” by Yoga Journal, this instructional CD contains beautiful background music by Deva Premal.

A portion of the proceeds from this recording will benefit the music program at Malibu High School.

"Lauren's yoga class has renewed my enthusiasm for strengthening and balancing my body." –Cher, Academy Award Winning actress

"I am thankful for discovering yoga from Lauren Peterson. Now I can take her with me on all my travels." –Greg Louganis, Olympic Gold Medalist

"This is an expertly conducted session." –Yoga Journal

1.) Starting Out -14:40
2.) Stoking the Fires -19:17
3.) Getting Centered -11:35
4.) Challenge Yourself -5:55
5.) On the Floor -14:52
6.) Connecting -6:17

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