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Time to Wake Up


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If you missed Radharani’s debut in 2016, it’s time to catch on because this young woman is a rising star. Her stunning debut Just One Drop in 2016 came seemingly out of nowhere, slaying us with a haunting voice and expertly crafted blend of light and dark emotionality.

Her uniqueness as a devotional artist becomes more apparent in her second release, Time to Wake Up. Marked by an emphasis on English chants, Radharani brings her characteristic blend of styles and instrumentation, her haunting voice and her expertly crafted blend of light and dark emotionality to this self-produced work. You can hear her devotional intensity and artistry in every lustrous musical moment.

Time to Wake Up features the cello, played by Krishna Das’s cellist Noah Hoffeld. It also features vocals by celebrated Kundalini-Yoga musician Sirgun Kaur, and well-known Rabbi-musician Shir Yaakov. Ben Leinbach graces the album with percussion on It Was Good.

Radharani’s intention with this album is to accompany the growing pains and revelations of today’s seekers by speaking to the process of letting go, listening inward, acknowledging our reflections, and calling ourselves onward. The album is a compassionate wake up call that pays homage to our humanness as we take each courageous step.

1. Time to Wake Up – Radharani (05:13)
2. Gurudev – Radharani (05:40)
3. The Light – Radharani (05:24)
4. This Goddess – Radharani feat. Sirgun Kaur (07:03)
5. Silence – Radharani (08:20)
6. It Was Good – Radharani (04:27)
7. Your Eyes – Radharani (07:42)

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