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Drawing energy from the shifting sands of global music, sonic alchemist Temple Step beckons listeners on a sensory journey through movement, ritual, and binaural sound in his 2020 album, Tribe.  

A fusion of influences bygone and new, this visionary offering invokes the spirit of ceremonial sound as it beams through the lens of tribal electronica and conscious dance culture, incorporating elements of global bass, organic house, emotive downtempo, and shamanic music into a dazzling tale of styles traversing the shapeshifting landscapes of time.

Sewn with old-world instrumental work, mesmerizing vocals, and surges of deep, undulating bass, Temple Step’s dynamic compositions balance force and elegance with a storyteller’s precision to unearth the magical, healing essence of world music as it bends to humankind’s unshakeable desire to move, meditate, and create across times luminous and dark.

1. Jhini (Feat. Tahir Qawwal) 07:54
2. Temple Step Project, Jonny Joon - Kamanjā 03:31
3. Shuklam 05:35
4. Temple Step Project, Dysphemic - Pull It Back 05:17
5. Raqsā (Feat. Avishai Barnatan) 05:22
6. Beluen 07:19
7. We Are A Tribe (Feat. Murray Kyle & Friends) 05:20
8. Temple Step Project, Darpan - A New Vision (Ceremonial Dance Mix) 08:37
9. Watayana (Feat. Kailash Kokopelli) 07:58
10. This Love (Feat. Madhu Honey) (free) 05:15
11. Offering (Feat. Ketut Susila) 10:06

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