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Unity by Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band is a dynamic soundtrack for modern yogis and kirtan. chanting and music lovers, inspires and celebrates the union of diverse spiritual traditions, cultures, and musical genres.

Sean Johnson, bassist/guitarist Alvin Young and singer/percussionist Gwendolyn Colman – are challenging common perceptions about yoga music, reinventing the soundtrack by merging ancient mantras from India with a vibrant gumbo of contemporary flavors. Regarded as one of the most distinctive in western kirtan music, their dynamic sound has won over fans nationwide and transformed yoga studios across America and Europe into thriving concert and dance halls.

Unity, their third studio album, is a collection of ten unique, soul-stirring songs that reveal the band more at ease than ever with interpreting and expressing spiritual mantra music through the guts and authenticity of their own American roots. The album takes the listener on a revelatory journey through myriad sounds and flavors – from bellydance rhythms, Motown-inspired grooves, back porch guitar stomp and gospel chorus to trance-inducing eastern strings with passionate verses from Rumi, tantra yoga sutras and chants from a variety of spiritual traditions.

Band founder Sean Johnson has been leading kirtan for over eighteen years. He is influenced in equal parts by his New Orleans roots, his ancestral Irish heritage, his study of Indian vocal music and his love of bhakti yoga (the yoga of the heart). Sean is also founder of Wild Lotus Yoga studios in New Orleans and of Soul School, an interdisciplinary yoga and spirituality training program for teaching yoga with imagination.

Imagine if Krishna Das and The Funky Meters teamed up and you might get a sound similar to Sean Johnson And The Wild Lotus Band.” –Namaste Y’all

On Unity ancient mantras are given new voice through soul-drenched songs that merge Rumi poetry with New Orleans-roots, rock, gospel, and world grooves.

Some songs from Unity are perfect for a yoga flow playlist—and others for simply savoring life, at full blast.

1.) Ganesha' Belly Dance 
2.) Nur Allah Nur 
3.) Remember 
4.) The Man In Blue 
5.) The Way Of Love 
6.) Unity 
7.) Ramachandra 
8.) I Will Rise Again 
9.) Peace Song 
10.) I'll Fly Away