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Yin Yang Flow: Music for Yoga Class (Simon Low Mix)


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“I wrote this music for Simon’s first Ying Yang yoga DVD, over fifteen years ago. I had not met him at the time, and we never spoke, but I had a very clear feeling of his approach to yoga. Some years later we had the pleasure of meeting at a yoga festival in Japan and dropped into a deep rapport immediately. It was so sweet to celebrate how much my music had influenced his journey as a teacher, and in that I learned how much what we create has a life of it’s own and ripples out into the world beyond our knowledge.

I’m a huge fan of Simon’s work and deeply respect his approach to teaching and practicing yoga. He’s recently launched a wonderful new online yoga resource that I’m very happy to be involved with musically. I feel like there’s so much to learn from Simon, so it’s exciting that anyone can now tune into and benefit from his experience and wisdom.

The flow of this album is designed for a combined yin and yang flow, which is one of the core principles that Simon uses to teach yoga. It’s a safe, accessible and fresh approach toward cultivating a balanced personal yoga practice. Thus the sound journey supports alignment, circular and spiral movement patterns, joint care, breathwork and meditation along with the internal science of our energetic self...” –Rara Avis

1. Yin Air Activation  09:56
2. Yin Water Flow  09:22
3. Yin Fire Simmer  09:10
4. Yin Earth Ground  06:28
5. Yin Air Surrender  09:59
6. Yang Opening  12:48
7. Yang Closing  22:14
8. Yang (Bonus Mix) (free)  04:59

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