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Home is a collaborative album created by Shaman's Dream and Geometrae. This sonic journey unites versatile world instrumentalists, soulful vocalists, and cutting-edge electronic production.

The narrative unfolds through the heartfelt intention woven into each track, inviting the listener to traverse the spectrum of sensations.

The odyssey commences with the dawning of a new day, much like the way it begins for each of us. Within this dawn, a seed is tenderly planted, bearing a potential to thrive and unfurl, eventually reaching its zenith as a nocturnal blossoming flower. The album embarks on an exploration of the five elemental realms: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether, each indispensable for nurturing the seed into its fullest expression. Upon the flower's graceful opening the moon graces us with her presence, welcoming us to tap into our own psychic senses and reacquaint ourselves with the dream world. In this realm, the cycle begins anew, a journey back to our eternal Home.

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