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Tierra Mi Cuerpo/ Namah Shivaya is the first single from Brenda McMorrow’s newest album Ceremonia del Amor. Brenda has written a beautiful, soothing melody which combines the powerful vibrations of traditional Latin American ceremonial lyrics and ancient Sanskrit Mantra.

“Tierra Mi Cuerpo (Earth my Body)
Agua Mi Sangre (Water my Blood)
Aire Mi Elemento (Air my Breath)
Y Fuego Mi Espiritu (And Fire my Spirit)”

Om Namah Shivaya is an ancient Sanskrit mantra that helps strengthen our connection to the 5 elements. Each Syllable corresponds with a specific element:

Na - Earth; Ma - Water; Shi - Fire; Va - Air; Ya - Ether.

This song speaks deeply to mantra and medicine music lovers alike, connecting us more profoundly to the knowing that we are not separate from the elements of this creation.

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