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More than a decade since the release of the collaborative song and dance album Rise Up, Shaman’s Dream returns to the ceremonial space first conjured by Hawaii-based music collective Barabajaba in a tale of cultural reverence and soul-stirring musical fusion. Combining the organic sounds, vocals, and percussion work of Rise Up with cutting-edge production techniques provided by some of today’s leading global electronica composers, Shaman’s Dream invites listeners to join in the ongoing story of humankind as it moves to the rhythm, beat, and style of cultural traditions from around the world in the all-new Rise Up Remixed.

Journeying into the rising and falling landscapes of deep and organic house, tribal and dance, world beat, neo-folk, psychedelic bass, and atmospheric downtempo, Rise Up Remixed delves into the boundless qualities of sound as a vehicle for human expression and storytelling via fourteen tracks that celebrate the endless colors and timbres of global music. Influenced by the musical traditions of Cuba, Brazil, West Africa, India, and Haiti, Barabajaba’s founding members recorded the original Rise Up collection on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2008 featuring Michael Pluznick, Jesse Seymour, Boaz Martin, Zahira Clement, Peter De Jesus and Sahuna Love (Shaman’s Dream). Though originally recorded live without digital looping or electronic beats, the album’s sounds are reborn in this all-new remix collection featuring re-imaginings by Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Mose, Ryan Herr, Yemanjo, Equanimous, Momentology, Afrosideral, Oliwa, Auralponic, Tropo, Vinzoo, Rara Avis, and Arcturus.

Rooted in the beats and progressions of electro-world fusion as seen through each remixer’s unique vision of dance-oriented music, the album combines diverse vocal work and instrumentation with advanced sound design to celebrate music’s central call to observe and move with the rhythms of life. Equally suited for ceremonial music spaces, ecstatic dance floors, and personal journeys into realms of healing, connection, and self-exploration, Rise Up Remixed is a bridge between the present and the long line of mystics who live on in the voices, instruments, and songs of the musical world.

1. Rise Up (Liquid Bloom Remix) Feat. Paul Stamets & Bloomurian 05:52
2. Soko La Bata Yemaya (Ryan Herr Remix) 04:41
3. Evolution (Momentology Remix) 04:07
4. Rumba De Obatala (Oliwa & Equanimous Remix) 04:44
5. Soko La Bata Yemaya (Arcturus Remix) 05:33
6. Chandra Shekar (Vinzoo Remix Feat. Zahira) 06:00
7. Marineiro (Tropo Remix) 04:29
8. Escalier (Rara Avis Remix) 05:40
9. Shaman’s Dream, Liquid Bloom, Poranguí - Abakwa (Future Roots Mix) 05:58
10. Afrique De Janeiro (Tribal Mix) 08:35
11. Escalier (Afrosideral Remix Feat. Ariel Bringuez) 06:40
12. Afrique De Janeiro (Equanimous Remix) 04:46
13. Evolution (Yemanjo Remix) 06:03
14. Rise Up (Auralponic Remix) 04:47

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