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Tylepathy Remixes - One With Nature

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A reflective journey through more than a decade of sound born from the spirit of Liquid Bloom, Porangui, and friends, ambient music producer Tylepathy opens the sonic portal to cosmic wanderers and inner explorers with his ethereal and soothing ‘One With Nature’ remix album.

As we are whisked from one elemental landscape to another, we are reminded of the power of the mind to shape supportive spaces with even the most subtle of inspirations, making ‘One With Nature’ not only a potent tool for meditation and personal healing, but a testament to the vast and creative forces of human consciousness.

1. Ayé Yewo (Tylepathy Remix) 11:20
2. Regreso al Agua (Tylepathy Remix) 13:09
3. Anima Mundi (Tylepathy Remix) 10:56
4. Peyote Canyon (Tylepathy Remix) 13:08
5. Interbeing (Tylepathy Remix) 13:36
6. Corazón de Gaia (Tylepathy Remix) 12:29
7. Bless the Waters (Tylepathy Remix) 11:57
8. Whispers of Our Ancestors (Tylepathy Remix) 14:32

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