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SRI MA: Chants of Divine Mother, Yoga Goddesses Lakshmi, Shri Durga, Kali Maa, Saraswati & Radha


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As attacks continue on our Mother Earth, Air and Oceans we invoke the goddess presence, the warrior goddess, the great shining Mother: Shri Ma!

This is the time for devotion to the sacred feminine.

Allow these powerful mantras and chants to the goddesses Durga & Kali, Lakshmi & Tara, Radha & Saraswati move you, comfort you, enliven your love of the Feminine.

Act to protect her!

Invoke our great present-day hugging saint Amma (Mother): Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. Let Shakti’s energy of abundance and good fortune, Saraswati’s creativity for speech and music, Radha’s burning heart, Durga’s and Kali’s warrior goddess energy aid you in actions to defend and love the goddess, the Divine Mother!

Yoga mantra artists abound on Sri Ma: Chants of Divine Mother. This digital-only release has more than 2 hours of music and is Volume 9 in the Healing Arts Series produced for White Swan Records. DubGoddess Selena curated and edited the 21 tracks of well-known kirtan artists Shantala, Brenda McMorrow, Girish, Donna De Lory, Wah! and Tina Malia. More mantra artists include Suzin Green, Govind Das & Radha, Catherine Mirabai Moon, Bhakti Explosion, Michael H. Cohen, Amritakripa with 3rd Ear Experience, Madi Das with Chaytanya, and Jim Beckwith.

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