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Within You Without You


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Within You Without You by Gary Stroutsos is New Age flute music for meditation, relaxation, massage and the spa environment.

Woodwind master Gary Stroutsos breathes a vibrant stillness into songs steeped in reverence for his lush Pacific Northwest home, global flute tradition and the spirit of George Harrison. From the opening “Within You Without You,” a stunning raga-length interpretation of the timeless Beatles classic, Stroutsos’ suite of Zen-quiet tone poems, jazzed with Chinese flutes, cello, percussion and koto, attest to the depth of still waters.

"Gary is one of the true improvisers on world flutes and his Within You Without You is a warm bath of lilting, twisting melodies that move like vines over his sparely verdant backings. He takes the George Harrison and Beatles' title tune and turns it into a 16-minute modal meditation." –John Diliberto, Host/Producer, Echoes 

1.) Within You Without You -16:43
2.) Temple of Heaven -5:05
3.) Hymn to Tranquility -6:31
4.) Wings of Affection -8:28
5.) Monastery Without Walls -3:54
6.) Journey Into Stillness -4:41
7.) Anasazi Dreamers -8:20
8.) Stone Lantern -3:46
9.) Hindu Traveler -5:40

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