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Vandana: Devotional Mantras & Sacred Healing Prayers


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Having recorded eight albums strongly influenced by North Indian music, I felt inspired to explore the ancient form of Mantra in a form that captures the spirit of the Vedic tradition; I also wanted to present the mantras in a musical setting – with utmost integrity and respect to their origins – in a way that would be universally appealing to both the Eastern and the Western ear. Thus, each of the pieces is set to specific Indian ragas and talas which dictate the mood of the Mantra. However, western harmony and rhythm are also present, which I hope helps build a sonic bridge for listeners everywhere.

The primary intent was to make positive and uplifting music for the difficult and negative times we are faced with these days. I hope that we have succeeded.

To achieve all this, I have been most fortunate to collaborate with some highly talented and inspired musicians from both India and the USA – namely, my collaborators Mala Ganguly and Christo Pellani, as well as special guest artists Steve Gorn and Subir Adhikari.

At the heart of the album is the exquisite voice of Mala Ganguly, who brings the majestic and authentic feeling of her Indian roots to her outstanding vocal performances, and Christo Pellani - the “King of Rhythm” - who plays all the sound healing instruments and drum foundations under the compositions.

1. Gayatri Mantra - Embracing Sacred Divine – Alap 4:48
(Rag Bhimpalasi)
2. Gayatri Mantra - Embracing Sacred Divine 11:17
(Rag Bhimpalasi - Kaharwa Tal)
3. Sacred Sharada: Prayer to Saraswati-Stuti 4:25
(Rag Bageshree)
4. Sacred Sharada: Devotional Saraswati Vandana 5:00
(Rag Bageshree - Tintal)
5. Healing Eyes of Shiva: Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Mantra - Alap 5:26
(Rag Bairagi)
6. Sacred Dance of Shiva - Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Mantra 12:58
(Rag Bairagi - Kaharwa Tal)
7. Divine Mother: Mateshwari Vandana - Invocation 2:56
(Rag Bhairavi)
8. Divine Mother: Mateshwari Vandana 9:17
(Rag Bhairavi - Rupak Tal)

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