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Love is King Love is Queen is the debut offering from singer-songwriter duo/couple Avasa and Matty Love, featuring 10 original tracks and co-produced with Robin Livingston (MC Yogi, El Radio Fantastique). Pouring their love for each other into their soulful, melodic world pop anthems, Avasa and Matty create a fresh new soundtrack for all generations. Harmonies and hip-hop beats, reggae bubbles and jazz horns, lush strings and synths accompany lyrics and melodies that open doors to a world of possibility and unconditional love.

As husband and wife, Avasa and Matty walk a path of deep spiritual commitment to serve humanity through music. They find great joy and purpose in experiencing divine love, cultivating inner peace and making music that uplifts the heart and heals the soul. Their sound is an inspiring blend of world pop and devotional soul sound, with unique anthemic coloring in each song that is especially highlighted by their vocals. Avasa and Matty have rich, soulful voices that beautifully blend together in every lyric, offering the listener a transcendent experience of divine union. 

1.) Let the Sun Shine Through -5:45
2.) Sweet Sound of Music -5:29
3.) What If -4:13
4.) Love Is -3:32
5.) Listen -5:50
6.) Walk Through the Walls -4:40
7.) Sister Brother -4:26
8.) Lovin' Yourself -5:31
9.) Sitting In a Circle (feat. Ryan Dilmore) -4:02
10.) What If (Beautiful Remix feat. MC Yogi) -5:59

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